About Me

I am WordPress developer living in London, England. I custom build fast, responsive WordPress sites from the ground up – no themes, no page builders.

I was a Graphic Designer in a previous life, so while I tend to work from supplied designs, I can also provide a full design service if needed.

And if your site needs a refresh, additional content/functionality or simply optimisation/bug-fixes, get in touch.


WordPress makes it very quick and easy to get a fully content managed site off the ground. It is fully customisable and very widely used/supported, and with a little knowhow you can build anything with it.


This site is built using custom css but for more commercial sites I use Materializecss as a jumping off point. It is much less verbose and opinionated than Bootstrap and provides a solid base from which to create bespoke themes. You’ll find me helping the development community use it better on the Gitter channel and Stack Overflow.